How magnetic roller work and how to choose the best magnetic roller?

Magnetic rollers are an easy way to achieve perfect curly hair. Invest in magnetic roller to use in the home rather than spending your time and money in the salon. This roller has come in a wide range of size and even short hair can be curled with this magnetic roller.

Use magnet rollers after the hair bath with shampoo and condition. Make sure that your hair is dry before removing the magnet roller then only your curls are frizz-free. Choose satin-covered sponge or foam type while you prefer a softer roller.

Working process of the magnetic roller

  • Magnetic rollers are easily snapped into the hair and it allows you to create curls without the heat produced by curling irons and curlers.
  • Separate your hair into the smaller section with 1-inch breath and place the roller at the end of your hair and winding the magnetic hair rollersupward towards your scalp.
  • Magnetic roller is secured into place with a metal clip and applies these rollers to wet.
  • Let them set the roller for some hours and then remove the roller for waves, curls or added volume that you desire.

magnetic roller

Choose the best roller for your hair:

There are several styles and varieties are available, you can use the right magnetic roller that suitable for you. You can also found the magnetic roller that comes in packs of 8 or 10. You also have an option for choosing a larger variety pack that includes up to 75 pieces.

Smaller packs have the roller in small size in the range of 7/8 inch diameter or 1/8 inch diameter. Some of the variety pack will give you rollers in the different number of diameter. Smaller magnetic roller creates tight spirals and the wider roller will create larger curls. Magnetic curlers come in different bright colors including pink and green.

roller for hair

Reason to use magnetic roller:

It can create a variety of style and you can improve your hair appearance. If you want loose waves, soft, bouncy curls or simple hair with large value then you can use this roller to get this feature.

The magnetic roller offers a smooth surface that protects the hair from damage and it tends to work well for hair length and textures. Using this magnetic roller you can create bouncy curls or loose waves in your home itself rather than going to the salon.