Everything you should know about the hair highlights

Highlight add dimension to your hair and making it look fuller and more vibrant. Highlights making you look more youthful and radiant. Getting highlights at a salon can be quite expensive, but it is the best and perfect choice rather than doing highlights at home.

Finding the perfect highlights for your hair is important because it has an incredible impact on your overall look. Choosing the right highlighter shade for you and adding them in the right spots and amounts.

Lighter hair works well with thinner ones and darker hair trends to suit thicker highlights. Most the people doubting how long do highlights take? In general, highlighting service can take anywhere from 1-5 hour. All hair types can get benefit from highlights that vary in size. Let’s see about them,

hair highlights

Black hair with highlights:

Black hair can get benefits from the addition of highlights and choosing the right color for you to achieve it in your hair. Ask for a stylist for highlights in golden brown tones, right brown hues or creamy chocolate colors. This brown color will suit your dark hair and create radiant results.

Choose a shade that is close to your base hue and avoid the highlights that looking too bright and unnatural. If you want light hue then you can try a rich caramel color and avoid blonde highlights. If you spend time on highlights at a salon then you can get the best result on your hair with perfect highlights.

Dark hair with red highlights:

Red highlights can be very flattering on dark hair and they will transform the appearance of your hair. If you don’t want to change your color completely then these highlights are a great way to update your dark hair. Red highlights add vibrancy to your hair when compare to other color and it adds shine to your hair and glows in the sunlight.

highlights at a salon

The red color is also highly flattering on women with both dark hair and dark skin tone. If you want to lighten up your hair dramatically then you can consider balayage look with blonde highlights painted focused on the ends of the hair.

It is doesn’t matter how long does it take to get highlights, for getting glow and stylish look. Hair with low porosity is considered as resistance and it will require more time or at least more than 4 hours to achieve the level of lightness desired.