About the soap cap and reason to use

Soap cap (bleach bath) is the method used to freshen up your hair blonde hair or lighten your darker hair or blend your roots. In other words, the soap cap method is a way to apply bleach to your hair without using brush or bowl.

Soap cap is a very handy method to learn because you can blend the products through your hair without making a big mess. You don’t need any person to apply the bleaching powder and developer mixture to back or head because you can do this on your own. Instead of applying the mixture you can also use it as the bleach shampoo cap.

soap capReason for using soap cap:

Most of the people don’t know how to do a soap cap on their hair. It is a simpler way to lighten your hair using soap cap at home and are great in a few different circumstances.


Prepare hair for dying: Soap cap is an easy way to start the process, if you want to lighten your hair then dye it or use preferred toner to add the desired color.

Reduce the intensity: After dying your hair, if your hair looks too bold then use soap cap to reduce the intensity of color. For example, you can easily fade the color of dye using a soap cap.

Remove the ash toner: If your hair is in grey rather than the blonde then use the soap cap to remove that grey color from your hair.

Break the base: If you want to break the base, then apply soap cap to the roots then blend the rest of the mixture through the rest of the hair. Soap cap is the easy way to break the base.


Developers are used to mixing with toners and blenching powder and all have some amount of peroxide in them. Peroxide percentage determines the level of lift that you get from the developer. Peroxide is open the cuticle of your hair and allows the color to either be absorbed or removed. Try to use the lower level of developer for your hair.

Generally, it is a method of bleaching hair that involves mixing developer, bleach power and toner with shampoo. Using soap cap to lighten hair and also used to lighten a dye color. Soap cap is the easy method to apply gently on your hair because blench is diluted in shampoo and it can use shampoo to dilute the blenching solution.